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Big screens for big traders

Our award-winning online trading platform is designed for trailblazers searching for the ultimate trading experience. We’re proud to offer the best-in-class CFD trading platform for savvy traders like you.


Hundreds of stocks and CFDs on various exchanges around the world, no commissions! The offer is valid for the platform offered.

Smart Trade Limited Benefits

Sometimes you just need something bigger. Switch from your phone to the website and follow major market movements in real time. Anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of working with us

The most up to date information
Trade through a bank terminal
Trust and Integrity
24/7 Support
Access to 200+ of the most profitable assets on the market
Professional Analytical Support

Manage and trade on the go - like a pro

As a highly rated CFD trading company, Smart Trade Limited is always looking to expand our product offering and provide the most convenient and functional trading platforms on the market.

In light of this customer-oriented ethic, my partners and I have worked hard to develop a new proprietary forex trading platform specifically designed to meet the needs and preferences of our clients.

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